June 29, 2009

Introducing, Usbuntu (oo-sb-oo-nt-oo) Have you ever wanted to carry all of your information with you, without the worry about having the same Os? Here’s the answer! This Instructable allows you to install Ubuntu 9.04 on a Flash Drive. Best part you can bring it everywhere in your pocket!

What you need:
*Computer (Windows)
*Ubuntu 9.04 ISO *Download*
*2GB (or larger) Flash drive (fat32 formatted *Not included in instructable*)
*U904p.exe *Download*

Check out the full instrutable, Here.

This is my entry for “Pocket Sized Contest”


Hello world, My First Project

June 17, 2009

Welcome,this is a blog where you can follow up on my projects. That I will do over the summer and through school. All of my projects will be posted on Instructables

Here is my first project.
A mini swamp cooler for the hotter days. It looks something like this,

or swamp cooler

Mini A/C or Swamp cooler

You can find the instructable here.